Professor Steve Alsop awarded the 2016 Svend Pedersen Lecture Award

Professor Steve AlsopCongratulations to Professor Steve Alsop on being awarded the prestigious 2016 Svend Pedersen Lecture Award from the Department of Mathematics and Science Education at Stockholm University. Professor Alsop will give the award lecture today at 1:00 p.m. in Vivi Täckholmssalen.

The Svend Pedersen Lecture is awarded annually to a researcher, who has made a major and lasting contribution within the fields of Mathematics Education or Science Education. As a lecturer at the Department of Mathematics and Science Education at Stockholm Institute of Education, Svend Pedersen took the initiative in the late 1970s to incorporate results from science education research into the curricula of teacher education. Many teachers and educators in Stockholm got their first introduction to education research as a result of taking Pedersen’s courses. Pedersen was also the first person to defend a doctoral thesis in Science Education at Stockholm University. Research at the Department of Mathematics and Science Education rests on the foundation laid by Pedersen.

Professor Alsop’s award lecture Science education and promises and politics of affect, explores values, desires and wishes that shape contemporary studies of emotions in science and education. The lecture explores “what can be learned from how science and education researchers study emotions” and “what possibilities and promises might emotions and affect offer our science pedagogies and research?” The lecture explores how science and education becomes entangled and heavily invested in particular structures, relationships and practices, and concludes with a forward-looking focus on science education and climate justice.

“We are very proud that Professor Alsop was chosen to give the Pedersen lecture and of the recognition that this award brings to the Faculty of Education,” said Ron Owston, Dean of the Faculty of Education. “We wish him the best of success.”

Professor Alsop is internationally recognized for his pioneering research in science education, which has had a major and lasting impact on the field and for the development of research at the Department of Mathematics and Science Education, Stockholm University. His research explores personal, social, political and pedagogical articulations of technoscience in educational settings and contexts, including schools, universities, museums, science centres and environmental organizations.

Professor Alsop teaches courses and supervises graduate students in the Faculty of Education, Faculty of Environmental Studies and Department of Science and Technology Studies.