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Visibly Canadian book cover

Karen Stanworth’s new book ‘Visibly Canadian’ honored with Wyeth Foundation grant

York visual art and education Professor, Karen Stanworth writes that visual representations in Canada were the era’s primary mode of communicating identity in her new book, Vi …

from left: Diane Devey (God daugter of Peter Balciunas), scholarship recipient Kavitha Ramachandran, and Gary Poole, Superintendent of H.R. at the TCDSB

York teacher candidate awarded 2014/2015 Peter Balciunas Scholarship

Congratulations to Kavitha Ramachandran, a teacher candidate at the Faculty’s Catholic Education site who was recently awarded the Peter Balciunas Memorial Scholarship for the …

Toronto experts to advise Ontario on how to end homelessness

Professor Stephen Gaetz, director of the Canadian Observatory on Homelessness and the Homeless Hub, was mentioned in the Toronto Star Jan. 26. Gaetz is among 13 experts appoin …